Academic Resource Hub

What Is Resource Hub

Resources Hub is collection of resources shared by the TeachersStudents Parents, Guardians and Educators and members at our website to help you to facilitate and empower the teaching and learning. 

The main objective of the Resource Hub is to Share Teaching ideas, Teaching and Learning Material and Web Resources.

This collection includes a variety of resources for teaching and Learning such as Virtual Labs, Video lessons, Teaching And Learning activities, as well as tips for incorporating these resources into your teaching practices. 

We hope these resources inspire and ignite the minds of the educators to fight against the challenges caused by Covid-19 Pandemic Caused by CoronaVirus.

Who Can Access Resource Hubs ???

How Are the Resource Hubs Useful

​The resources shared by the  members are open resources to all members. Therefore, Every member that is every Student, Teacher, Parent, Gaudian and Educator can use their own resources as well as the sources contributed by the others for academic purposes.You can join multiple Forums also.


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