Globe on Stretcher

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

The Covid -19, caused by Coronavirus turned Pandemic and brought the globe onto a stretcher. Almost all the countries in the world are badly affected by corona.  To stop the spread of corona, the governments are imposing lockdowns throughout the world. The lockdowns are showing an adverse impact on every sector directly or indirectly. Education is not an exception to it. The most common mode of education, The formal education turns highly impossible if the present situation persists. This forced the schools to shut down and the students to stay at home. As a result, the students across the world are losing their precious Academic time.  At this juncture all the stakeholders of education i.e., students, teachers, management and the parents are emotional and they are drained psychologically. If this continues, it becomes irreparable and cannot be compensated. Here the necessity arises to the human kind to bounce back and accelerate the development in all sectors. The only approach to it is integrating the technology and applying technology in every sector. The same is applicable to education. Since there is a swift (Rapid development) in science and technology it is the right time to implement the integrated science and technology in education, known as educational technology, popular as E-learning. Hire Tutors Right Now: If you are worried about the education of your wards then you should not hesitate to hire a private tutor, especially if your child needs it.  This is the reason for which many parents hire the tutors. Provide the best tuition experience to your wards that they never witnessed. The sole purpose is to help the students with their learning and boost their confidence.  THE RIGHT MENTOR - Educational Service, Tuition, Online  The Right Mentor - Home tutors near you - Online Teachers available - Part time teacher jobs near you - part time teacher jobs in hyderabad.   Share this post: Categories

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