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Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Since the time immemorial the teachers are treated as the nation builders. Because they educate the people. Peoples education, plays a vital role on the developement of their own society. COVID - 19 Pandemic has forced us to face the most exceptional challenges faced by humankind. This compelled to stay at home, unless there is an urgency, or very important work we couldn't step out. This disturbed the harmony of all the sectors and fields. Educational Field is not an Exception for it. Covid-19 Almost, paused the academic activities for several days and ruined the educational curriculum for a long duration. Still So many students are away from learning across the globe. Being a social animal it is very tough to stay at home. These are all the adverse impacts of Covid-19. Now let us turn towards Positive face of Pandemic. At this juncture it may not be possible to extinct the Corona Virus. But it is possible to produce the sparks in the dark.

To make it possible we should integrate the advanced developments in science and technology, which is known as Educational Technology.

Educational Technology allows us to teach and learn remotely by maintaining the social distance. So we can overcome the challenges caused by the pandemic in the education field and ...

... take advantage of it to accelerate the educational curriculum. Therefore, this is the right time for us to focus on the brighter side to use educational technology to impart education.

As we all know, Nessecity is the mother of invention. The nessecity caused by Covid-19 challenged the human brains. This, lead to develop the technology and integrated it into several fileds.

  • As a result most of us are not using currency notes and tuned to mobile banking.

  • Robot are employed in hospitals

  • Medical consultations switched to online unless emergency.

Coming to Our field, EDUCATION. Many New Educational Resources, Apps and Tools, designed and developed as per the present requirements.

School came to HOME.

We know Work from home but Never Imagined TEACH FROM HOME.

All These happened because of the nessecity caused by COVID-19.

Otherwise they would have taken much more time.

So let's make advantage of Educational Resources already available on the web. Use them aptly, upto the optimum level.

Last but not least "There is no true substitute for a teacher". Even the most advanced technology cannot substitute a teacher. But Educational Techology is the most powerfull tool in hands of teachers. So be proud to be a teacher.


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