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Forums at The Right Mentor are the Academic Discussion Forums formed by Teachers, Students, Parents and Guardians Across the world.

The main objective of each Forum is to promote education by maintaining the social distance to face the challenges caused by Covid-19 Pandemic caused by CoronaVirus.

Here, You can  Discuss the School Subject Content, Clarify School Subject Doubts, Share knowledge, Teaching ideas, Teaching and Learning Material and Web Resources.

You can also answer the questions and the doubts raised by others in case you are aware of the answer.

Q And A Forum at The Right Mentor Educational  Services is exclusively free for all students throughout the world.

At our website we have Subjectwise Forums.



You can join into one ore more than one Forums. 

Teachers And Students Can Join

 The Students, Teachers, Parents, Gaudians and Educators can join in to the respective Forums. You can join multiple Forums also.

How are the Forums Useful

Students can post their doubts, questions in the respective Question And Answers Forum


The educators can clarify these doubts by answering the questions. 

​The resources shared by the  members are open resources to all members. Therefore, Every member that is every Student, Teacher, Parent, Guardian and Educator can use their own resources as well as the sources contributed by the others for academic purposes.You can join multiple Forums also.


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