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The right mentor is the best Hyderabadi Educational website and Learnining Management System.

Our website is the best fit for Study Visa Consultancy Tution Consultancy

Our services and products are useful in Teaching, Training, Tutoring, and Learning.

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About The Right Mentor


Since its inception, The Right Mentor Educational Services has been known for qualitative educational services, exceptional efficiency and the highest level of professionalism. ​​

No matter about what service you’re looking for, we guarantee to meet your expectations and ensure your full satisfaction. For more details about us Subscribe.

​​The Right Mentor is Best fit for Teaching Trainig Tutoring And Learning.

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The Right Mentor:

Has an expert team of Immigration advisors, Abroad Education and Training Consultants who Provide Exemplary Services for Student Visas, Abroad Education, Immigration, and training.

Inspires the learners to explore and creates interest About learning and schooling by Adapting the 21 st Century Scientific Teaching and Learning Strategies.

​Provides the situations to think and express creatively and independently.

​Creates the learning environment that facilitates learning by Discouraging Rote Learning.

​​Guides about the Assignments and mentors for the Project Works.

​​Assesses to identify the learning gaps and take remedial measures.

​​Discourages Rote Learning.​​​​

The Right Mentor takes care about   the qualitative teaching and learning material.

Our Mentors provide NCERT solutions, CBSE, NTSE, Olympiad study material, model test papers, Important Questions and Answers appeared in CBSE examinations.

References to Educational Sites and resources.

​​Also you can Manage the Educational Content, Conduct Quizzes, Assignments.


                                       ...  Lot more teaching and learning material.

Our Educational Services


The Right Mentor Educational Service offers most of its Services for Free.

Take the advantage of the services for Student Visa Consulting, Teaching, Training, Tutoring and Learning. We also offer Premium Services. We provide a wide variety of learning material that enriches the Learning After School. ​​

Our Mentors take care About the Preparation of our students to succeed in the Competent World. Encourages the students to investigate issues through research, observation and experimentation, working independently and collaboratively.

It Encourages the learning by using a number of different manipulative, hands-on activities and various forms of technology. ​​

It facilitates a highly interactive and inquisitive class atmosphere. Special focus about the learning gaps. All of  our services are customisable for your needs to make sure you leave with the utmost satisfaction.​​

We conduct quizzes and organise the class discussions, open-ended questions, and cooperative learning. We provide a highly interactive and inquisitive class atmosphere and Learning Resources with Hands-on Activities.​​

We conduct Online and offline assessments.

Special focus on learning gaps along with paper pen tests, Enhance life skills, Creative Work-sheets and learning material.

Lots more...    Lots more… leads to the All Round Development.

Therefore The Right Mentor is  ...  The Educator  ...

We render a variety of educational services as listed below.

Please  Click the respective links listed below to  Know About Us and the details about our educational services offered by Our Right Mentor Educational Services.

Please connect with us to know still more About Us.

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WhatsApp:  +91 7013261059

Email:  info@therightmentor.com

Chandanagar, Hyderabad

India - 500050

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